Liquit & ROVABU Software go forward together

Ridderkerk, April 16, 2018 – Liquit has acquired ROVABU Software. Liquit specialises in delivering Digital Workspace and Workspace Management solutions, and ROVABU Software specialises in the automatic packaging and distribution of Windows desktop and macOS applications. Because of the two parties joining, customers will profit from economy of scale, common knowledge, and experience.

Win-Win. The acquisition will integrate the strengths of both companies. The ROVABU technology and workforce will merge with those of Liquit, allowing Liquit to offer their customers a complete Application Setup & Patch solution. This integrated solution will enable IT departments to download, configure, implement, install, and update complete Windows desktop applications directly from the Liquit ‘Setup Store’. The developers within Liquit and ROVABU guarantee perfect interoperability. ROVABU customers gain simple access to Liquit’s Digital Workspace, whereby they can offer and manage their applications in an intelligent and universal way.

Several organisations were interested in ROVABU. Roel van Bueren, owner and founder of ROVABU Software: “My team and I have consciously been looking for organisation with a clear vision with whom we could look forward towards a future with confidence. Liquit is for us the ideal organisation. Team spirit, individuals and solutions are perfectly tied in. As an example, the speed and the ease of how the 'Setup Store' was integrated into the Liquit Workspace is very clear. I am now going to concentrate on what I love to do: further development of our common products and partnerships with other technology partners”.

Peter Hermeling, partner at Liquit: “Chief gain to our customers is the immediate possibility of simply adding Liquit Setup & Patch Management to their Digital Workspace. This unique proposal will save time and money for example, in the field of ‘application packaging’. There is also the consideration of cyber-attacks that can cause damage because Windows and installed applications are not updated with latest updates. It’s more important than ever to install patches promptly. The addition of Liquit Setup & Patch Management automates this task and makes our customers less vulnerable”.

There are a number of organisations which, with total satisfaction, make use of the common solution. In the care sector amongst others the Carante Group. In education for example, Willem II College, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Helicon training.  In the financial sector O2 Accountants and the towns Veenendaal, Wassenaar, Rhenen, Scherpenzeel, Voorschoten, Renswoude and Woudenberg.

About Liquit
Liquit produces software that delivers Digital Workspace Management and Enterprise Service Catalog solutions. The Liquit Workspace delivers a web-based user interface that supports VDI (Citrix ready) along with a lightweight and compact agent. Liquit offer the IT department lifecycle management services and acts as a one-stop shop for end users. It’s the central point for IT services and saves time, consolidates, and simplifies access to company resources delivering significant reduction of helpdesk calls.

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With Setup Commander, software supplier ROVABU Software offers desktop administrators an advanced solution for the configuration and deployment preparation of Windows applications. This solution shortens the necessary configuration time for deployment significantly, supporting all major deployment solutions. ‘Setup Commander Quest KACE Edition’ is a 90 day full featured version which is now available to all Quest KACE customers worldwide at no cost.

Desktop administrators spend a lot of time configuring switches and settings in order to make the deployment of Windows applications on their Windows desktops as efficient and fast as possible. Some of these parameters are available in the software knowledge base at, formerly Setup Commander goes even further to assist in creating a “Managed Installation” for Quest KACE, using Configuration Wizards which are offered ‘as a service’ along with a built-in ‘Setup Store’ containing many of the most popular setups from all major vendors.

Typically desktop administrators may spend hours per application figuring out all the correct settings and switches before preparing the application for deployment in their deployment solution. ‘Setup Commander Quest KACE Edition’ prepares ‘Managed Installations’ for the Quest KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance in only a few minutes. Using both the ‘Configuration Wizards’ and the ‘Setup Store’ brings in speed, consistency and efficiency. ROVABU Software Owner and Managing Director Roel van Bueren: “Everyone using this solution will have a guaranteed uniform preparation of Windows applications for deployment with the K1000 Systems Management Appliance.”

Configuration Wizards ‘as a service’

Setup Commander includes an ‘as a service’ architecture for its Configuration Wizards for MSI setups, maintained and updated daily. Every MSI can be selected for configuration and preparation. For every MSI a Configuration Wizard is available or will be generated automatically, partly using the ITNinja database and deployment ‘best practices’ as a reference.

Setup Store

Setup Commander’s Setup Store has more than 2000 links to setups for ‘most common’ software. Its database is kept up to date with the latest versions and releases of setups which are suitable for enterprise deployment. Entries include software from vendors like Adobe, Apple, Citrix, Quest, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Oracle, RES Software, VMware and many others. Partners and customers have the ability to submit suggestions for new entries using a ‘Request Setup’ feature. The Setup Store is integrated with the ‘Configuration Wizards’ and a built-in ‘Repackaging Wizard’ to directly configure, and virtualize or repackage downloaded setups. Supported repackaging tools include Turbo Studio, Microsoft App-V, RayPack, VMware ThinApp and Flexera AdminStudio Repackager.


Van Bueren about this new collaboration with Quest KACE: “It is great that we, as a Dutch company, have been collaborating for years with a site like, which is the largest information website in the world for package and deployment specialists and also an important resource for Quest KACE customers. Bob Kelly gave us any support needed when we started our Setup Commander journey more than four years ago. Now with Quest supporting Quest’s KACE customers with the ‘Quest KACE Edition’ we’ve started a new chapter in our collaboration”.

Bob Kelly, founder of ITNinja and Director, Product Management, Endpoint Systems Management at Quest: “This is a great solution to a problem regularly identified as among the most challenging of tasks. Each application to deploy is like a puzzle to be solved and Setup Commander is like a cheat application that provides the solution to these puzzles. Not only are Quest KACE customers getting a free 90-day subscription now, but ROVABU has gone the extra mile and added specialized support for the K1000 that I think our customers will really appreciate.”

John Verbosky, Technical Training Development Advisor at KACE, “I was impressed with how easy it was to configure an application for deployment for the K1000. Setup Commander solves the biggest pain point, providing installation options and commands, and makes software distribution a simple matter of point and click.”

PO-, VO-, MBO- en HBO/WO-instellingen kunnen de softwareprogramma’s voor het onderwijs per direct aanschaffen bij APS IT-diensten, SLBdiensten en SURFmarket. 

APS-ITdiensten, SLBdiensten en SURFmarket, de software licentieorganisaties voor het onderwijs, bieden vanaf vandaag software aan van ROVABU Software BV.

De producten van ROVABU zijn er op gericht om ICT-beheerders van onderwijsinstellingen veel werk uit handen te nemen bij het grootschalig installeren van applicaties op een Windows computer. De producten Setup Commander of Bundle Commander automatiseren het proces van het configureren van applicaties voor de installatie. Het toepassen van deze software betekent tijdsbesparing, een uniforme manier van installeren en kostenbesparing als er sprake was van het inhuren van expertise voor software-installaties.

Jeroen Borgsteede, directeur SLBdiensten: “Wij zijn verheugd dat wij ROVABU kunnen aanbieden. Wij zien een sterk toenemend gebruik in VO en MBO. Door ons contract met ROVABU komt het gebruik van deze goede software binnen het bereik van alle scholen tegen zeer aantrekkelijke voorwaarden. Dit leidt tot een efficiëntere inrichting van ICT op de scholen, tijdsbesparing en effectieve inzet van budgetten.”

“De samenwerking met de APS IT-diensten, SLBdiensten en SURFmarket is een logische stap”, aldus Roel van Bueren oprichter van ROVABU Software BV. “Wij zijn al jaren nauw betrokken bij ’t onderwijs. En spelen daardoor ook heel nauwgezet in op bijvoorbeeld de Windows XP migratieproblematiek die daar nu speelt. Ik ben er zeer trots op dat we nu op deze manier onze oplossingen breder kunnen aanbieden.”

“SURFmarket ziet de samenwerking met ROVABU als een aanwinst in haar marktplaats. De producten Setup Commander en Bundle Commander zijn pareltjes en kunnen de instellingen veel tijd en geld besparen. En dat tegen zeer mooie voorwaarden”: zegt Geert Eenink, Teammanager Software & Cloud bij SURFmarket.

“Twee producten die ook voor veel instellingen binnen primair en speciaal onderwijs een belangrijke rol gaan spelen als het gaat om tijdsbesparing, efficiency en gemak. Een echte aanwinst voor ons portfolio”, aldus Charles Hunfeld, Licentie Manager bij APS IT-diensten.

Beheerders en it-inkopers in onderwijsinstellingen kunnen vanaf deze week profiteren van een samenwerking tussen ROVABU Software met APS-ITdiensten, SLBdiensten en SURFmarket, de software licentieorganisaties voor het onderwijs. De software van ROVABU, Bundle Commander en Setup Commander, is daarmee tegen aantrekkelijke voorwaarden te verkrijgen. APS IT-diensten levert aan het primair onderwijs, SLBdiensten aan het voorgezet onderwijs, VMBO, MBO, ROC, en SURFmarket aan het hoger en wetenschappelijk onderwijs en academische ziekenhuizen.

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Het door het Nederlandse ROVABU Software BV ontwikkelde Setup Commander is vanaf nu beschikbaar. De officiële internationale introductie vond op 17 juni plaats tijdens de bijeenkomst van de WMUG, de Windows Management User Group. Setup Commander neemt beheerders van grote bedrijven enorm veel werk uit handen bij het grootschalig installeren van applicaties op Windows pc’s. Iedereen kan nu de gratis Standard Edition van Setup Commander downloaden.

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